FAQ: Our Common Laundry Questions

If you don’t have a washing machine or have a broken one, consider Indian Trail Laundromat. We provide a large and clean space full of many modern coin machines for your laundry. Our laundromat is located in Indian Trail, NC. Here are the answers to some questions that we get frequently asked.

What services do you provide in your facility?

We deliver a reliable laundry service to the local community. That’s not all; we will also dry and fold your clothes.

I have never worked with such a machine. Can you teach me?

Working with our machines is quite simple. There is a label with a brief explanation on each of the washing machines. All you have to do is to put your garments in the drum, insert a coin, and choose your preferred settings. To avoid problems, we suggest you sort your clothes by color, fabric, and degree of contamination beforehand.

When did you establish your facility?

Indian Trail Laundromat started providing laundry services in 2009.

Do I need to bring detergent with me for the washing laundry service?

That is not necessary as our staff can provide you with many options for detergents, softeners, and other additional products. However, if you have any more specific requirements, you are free to bring your washing product.

How much do you charge for your folding laundry service?

All our services are cost-effective, and you don’t have to worry about your expenses. Public laundromats are ideal in two major cases – for big loads, and when your washer at home breaks down. This is an inexpensive method just to relax while you wait for the cycle is complete.

Isn’t your cleaning method going to damage my delicate fibers?

Before you sort and prepare your garments for this type of cleaning process, you should know that not all fabrics and textiles are suitable for it. Silk, wool, or beaded clothes, for example, might shrink if they are washed in a standard appliance. But of course, our specialists will examine your garments for the presence of loose items, stains, coatings on sequins, and more before we put them in our individual cleaning machines.

Can I come to you every day?

Yes, our facility in Indian Trail, NC is open every day of the week.

Can I stop the washer at some point?

If you have forgotten to put any of your clothes, tablecloths, or bedding sheets into the machine, you will not be able to stop the washing cycle halfway through for security reasons and the cleanliness of your textiles. However, you can do that with the dryers.

Can I leave them and return when they are ready?

Absolutely! Our team will take care of them. Just leave them with us, and we will wash dry and fold them. So, when you come back to pick them up, you will be surprised at how clean they are.

Next time your washing machine at home fails or if you don’t have one at all, stop by our facility. For any questions, you can call us at (704) 821-0682.